I bring to your attention our service for carrying out DDoS attacks of any kind.
Services for eliminating your competitors’ sites/servers using a DDoS attack.
We take on almost any resources - except government ones.
Our service is a quick solution to your problems with competitors and offenders.

Advantages of our service:

  - We are working with a guarantor.
  - Accepting orders 24/7.
  - 100% Anonymity.
  - 24/7 monitoring of all attacked resources.
  - We work with all types of attacks.
  - Operational MoneyBack (refund of funds), in case of failure.
  - Types of ATTACKS
- Layer 4 (TCP/UDP)
- Layer 3 (ICMP/GRE/ESP)
  - We provide a 5-minute test only to verified customers or people with a reputation.
  - For others, the test is paid - $10. The amount will be credited when paying for the ordered period.
  - In case of an unsuccessful test or other force majeure situations, the money for the test will be returned.

I accept orders for any .onion sites
There is a bypass of protections: cloudflare, qrator(HLL), stormwall, ddos-guard, variti, google cloud, frosbyte, gingerwall, amazon AWS/CloudFront, akamai, fastly, reactjs, Botfront and everything else.
The price depends on the goal itself; each goal is assessed individually.
Payment Methods:
Attention: Beware of fakes! Check your Telegram nickname before ordering!
Our contacts:

  - Telegram: @With1nthesystem

Теги: DDos